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What is Nature Box?

the concept

Nature Box is first of its kind eco home in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It is based on concept of sustainable living by using the principles of reducing, minimise, re-use & recycle. There is reduced wastage of natural resources, minimising pollution & effective water/ waste recycling for completely sustainable and green home. 

Nature Box is all about abundance, comfort, luxury. With more space, Inside & Out From villas to the plot as a whole, we have made sure that space will never be an issue. Keeping the density very low at 37 villas for a 9 acre spread, nature box has abundance and space within its DNA.

At Nature box, we built homes which love nature, light and fresh air. Our villas are planned around a contemporary, environment friendly, socially inclusive lifestyle while at the same time reducing energy and running costs. . Treated water for landscaping, rain water pits for ground water recharge and complete solar-power backup make each villa a sustainable ecosystem

With greenery all around, a cozy lawn to retreat, a bbq, a tiny pool and a deck to relax, you are always guaranteed a perfect space away from the hustle & bustle of the city. You can also feel greenery everywhere with plants and shrubs on both sides of roads. Over 15000 plants in the entire layout and flowering plants/ fruit bushes in every villa makes your daily walk a walk amidst the greens

Why Nature Box?

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Key Benefits

  • Contemporary world-class design
  • Truly eco-friendly in the making
  • A passionate mix of luxury, serenity and natural setup
  • 65% of open space to make you feel one with nature
  • Best retreat home investment you can make in 2020
  • An elite neighbourhood of like minded people
  • Greenery in your boundary walls, around your house and literally everywhere!

Way to your Serenity

We love Options

Who doesn’t like options? At nature box, we took utmost care on how personalised a sustainable home should get. Even where it comes down to you being a morning walker or an evening riser.

The Morning Sunrise

The best view for a hot cup of coffee

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The BBQ Sunset

The perfect setup for a warm sunset and a BBQ evening

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What is so special about Naturebox?

  • Safety Elements
  • Luxury Elements
  • Eco Elements

Light galvanised steel frame structure
These villas are designed to give strength & durability, also a blend of contemporary designs & ecological factors.

Multi hazard resistant structure
Earth quake resistant, Termite resistant, Fire resistant & Rust free structure

Security integrated community
Our unique community is equipped with 24x7 security cameras with dedicated personnel. Layout design allows to remain isolated and retain complete privacy

100% Eco friendly guaranteed
From material used and the way of construction, to being total environmental zone, a 100% positive and healthy living is guaranteed

7 feet high separating green walls
Each villa is separated by a green mesh link, covered with creepers, climbing figs & vines. These walls will ensure security and privacy. Further, the area also has a compound wall with entrance gate.

Swimming Pool
Wallow in luxury in your own water pool. Set the mood with underwater LED lights

High Ceilings
The first and the third floor boasts 2.50 meter clear floor to ceiling height, with the main entrance and second floor being endowed with even greater height of 2.90 meter clear

Seamless floor to ceiling glass
Not found in your typical house, this use allows the maximum amount of light into the space, as well as the casual cascade of green tropical plants, blunting the divide between inside and the outside.

Ultra modern design
The villa is ultramodern bordering on minimalism with its clean lines and select colour tones.Seamless glass and open plan space is found throughout the villa.

Open top deck entertainment area/ yoga or meditation area
An open top deck which could house your morning yoga session or an evening friends party. A wide view dedicated area to experience the vibe of being in the middle of nature

Covered BBQ entertaining area
The art of barbecuing is embedded in our modern culture. So why not enjoy an evening with your very own BBQ setup.

Garden misting and irrigation
Automatic garden misting system that can now be controlled from your smart phone

LED light bulbs
LED Bulbs are found throughout the villa, even in the swimming pool. These bulbs have a very long life span and run on lesser electricity

Compost Bin
A compact compost bin in the yard is employed for your natural plant debris and garden waste. We are intern reducing the waste being directed to landfills

Fruit trees and vines
Nothing like taking fruit from your own passion fruit vine or papaya tree. Take advantage of greater growing climate in Telangana.

Qcon aerated light weight concrete blocks
These light bricks are used throughout the villa and offer the best insulation value.

Rain water harvesting pit
We understand the importance of water. For which, we designed a building framework to harvest rain water. Also drains from the sink and shower are used to irrigate the landscape within the plot

Natural ventilation around villa
Creating space around the villa for natural ventilation will reduce the times air conditioning is needed.

Villa shading via palm trees
Creating a shaded space via natural plants and trees is a great way to reduce heat, which is built up by direct sunlight. We are even able to achieve a pleasant atmosphere with this approach.

"I wanted a modular house that boasts design prowess and constructional supremacy. Naturebox has the mix of both. And they pulling such a marvel in 3 months fascinated me to check them out"

Rohith Sampathi, Entreprenur

About Us

Naturebox is an elite class and truly eco-friendly project from Mahaan Infra Group. Mahaan Infra has been a pioneer in commercial and industrial development projects across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Having worked on diverse Grade - 1 projects, the company gained the latest knowledge of how construction should work. Further, with their inclination towards eco-friendly construction, Mahaan came up with the initiative of nature box.

The company believes that effective construction is more than just concrete results and are in turn offering world-class civil services for their clients in the areas of residential, commercial constructions and hospitality services.

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